About Boise Analytics


Cameron Crow, Owner, Boise Analytics

Hey, I'm Cam.

I help organizations make fact-based decisions to achieve their goals. 

After years of professional experience across several industries and geographic regions, working on a wide range of areas including product development, marketing, sales, client success, and finance, I saw that virtually every company and organization needs expert business analysis—but few can hire a full-time, in-house data analyst. 

The idea for Boise Analytics came from a year-long pro bono engagement with a Boise nonprofit focused on improving educational outcomes. Having access to data analysis expertise was transformational to the organization, and they expressed how critical this kind of support is—but it's nearly impossible to find. They couldn't afford a full-time hire, but they couldn't operate effectively without analytical support, and a reliable source of part-time support didn't exist. That's when I saw a gap that I could fill by connecting professionals with part-time availability and a desire to improve their skills with businesses and nonprofits with part-time needs and budgets. Today, community service remains one of the core values of Boise Analytics.

Now, Boise Analytics is a thriving network and small business including dozens of expert data professionals. Central to the service Boise Analytics provides are the values of empathy, flexibility, and transparency. We strive to understand the challenges our clients face, propose solutions that fit their budgets and skillsets, and clearly explain everything we're doing so that clients understand. We don't want anyone to get stuck working with Boise Analytics for all your data needs in the future; instead, we want to show you how you can do it yourself with confidence. At the same time, we're always available to help you take your business to the next level.